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Manager’s Desktop Consultant

by Dr. Louellen Essex and Dr. Mitch Kusy, 2007

Focusing on six crucial problem areas – from managing difficult people to dealing with company politics – Manager’s Desktop Consultant offers detailed scenarios that describe each problem situation and examine proven strategies, tactics and tools. Assessment profiles and checklists, sample questions and dialogue offer guidance on how to promote discussion that leads to resolution and builds a solid foundation for management success. Whether executives or managers are working with a coach or going it alone, this book provides quick and easy access to practical advice.

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Breaking the Code of Silence: Prominent Leaders Reveal How They Rebounded from Seven Critical Mistakes

by Dr. Mitch Kusy and Dr. Louellen Essex, 2005

When we’re challenged by growing uncertainty at work and the need to function at lightning speed, errors are unavoidable. The inevitable mistakes of leaders – political, corporate and religious – are more open to public scrutiny than ever before. Based on research and candid interviews with leaders whose costly blunders have made headlines, this book examines seven common mistakes, debunks myths surrounding mistake recovery and identifies strategies for rebounding from near-fatal errors. Using examples from Enron to the Catholic Church to Arthur Andersen, the book provides a how-to for those at the top who suddenly find themselves on the way down.

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Fast Forward Leadership: How to Exchange Outmoded Leadership Practices for Forward-Looking Leadership Today

by Dr. Louellen Essex and Dr. Mitch Kusy, 1999

Highlighting the need for fundamental change, this book reveals seven outmoded leadership practices and the forward-looking approaches that need to take their place. Dr. Essex and Dr. Kusy give step-by-step advice to bring your leadership skills up to date, covering the key areas of communication, workforce dynamics, team leadership, staff development, organizational structure, performance reward and workplace configuration. The recommendations are so clear and simple, you can implement them on the job tomorrow.


“Building your credibility will require developing a track record of success that is known throughout your organization.”

from Manager’s Desktop Consultant by Louellen Essex and Mitch Kusy

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