High-impact Communication Skills

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Identify barriers to effective communication and overcome them
  • Choose the best communication channel for getting a message across
  • Listen, ask questions and read non-verbal cues
  • Use assertive communication
  • Identify others' communication styles and adjust a message accordingly
Target Audience

All staff members

Seminar Outline

Full-day Program

  1. Barriers to Effective Communication
    • Common mistakes senders make
    • Obstacles receivers create
    • Challenges presented by changing work methods
  2. Getting Your Message Across
    • Choosing the best channel: oral, written or both?
    • Organizing what you want to say and focusing on a purpose
    • Monitoring your voice tone and quality
    • Using two-way communication
    • Receiver-orienting your approach
    • Guidelines for using e-mail and voice-mail effectively
  3. Making Sure You're Listening
    • The difference between active and passive listening
    • Reading the non-verbal cues
    • Paraphrasing and reflecting effectively
    • Asking good questions to get more information
  4. Communicating in Conflict Situations
    • Choosing the right words to reduce defensiveness and build collaboration
    • Avoiding trigger words and non-verbal signals
    • Initiating joint problem solving
  5. Style Flexing: Individualizing Your Approach
    • Identifying differing personality types: Thinkers, Doers, Feelers, Intuitives
    • Adjusting your message for each type
    • Using style flexing in persuasive communication

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