Client-oriented Communication and Customer Service

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Identify the difference between poor and excellent customer service practices
  • Handle telephone calls and person-to-person interactions in a customer-friendly manner
  • Diffuse anger and problem solve effectively with customers
  • Adjust a communication approach to meet the needs of individual customers
Target Audience

All staff members who interact regularly with customers/clients

Seminar Outline

Full-day Program

  1. Indicators of Service Excellence
    • Laying the foundation: strong internal communication
    • Becoming highly responsive
    • Developing service standards and sticking to them
    • Assessing your current level of customer service
  2. Building Customer-oriented Communication Skills
    • Tips for using the telephone: greetings, routing, taking messages
    • Saying "no" without losing the customer
    • Words to avoid and words to use instead
    • Making the customer feel special in every interaction
  3. Handling Angry Customers
    • Dealing with strong emotion
    • Diffusing hostility
    • Switching to problem solving and creating alternative solutions
    • Mutually agreeing on a resolution
  4. Developing a Complaint-handling System
    • The importance of tracking complaints
    • Drawing out problems from quietly dissatisfied customers
  5. Orienting Your Approach to the Individual Client: Flexing Your Style
  6. Creating Customer Service Standards
    • State-of-the-art standards to consider using as your guideline
    • Developing ways to measure the standards

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