Building a Foundation of Management and Leadership Skills

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Make a successful transition into a management role
  • Utilize state-of-the art leadership and management skills
Target Audience

Beginning managers who are new to their positions

Seminar Outline

One-day or Two-day Program

  1. Making the Transition from Individual Contributor to Manager/Leader
    • Thinking in a new way
    • How to respectfully enter a new situation
  2. Causes of New Manager Failure: Current Research Findings
  3. Differentiating Between Management and Leadership
    • Becoming both a manager and a leader
    • Core competencies of both
  4. Goal Setting
    • Steps in the planning process
    • Writing SMART goals
    • Developing effective strategies to meet the goals
  5. Delegating
    • Traps in the delegation process
    • The four delegation phases
    • Giving effective feedback, both critical and positive
  6. Building Collaboration
    • Developing a collaborative structure and process for the unit you lead
    • Steps in team development
    • Knowing when to use a team vs. an individual to get work done
  7. Understanding the Organizational Culture
    • Studying your organization's culture to find out how things really get done
    • Building your base of influence
  8. Motivating and Inspiring
    • Matching a motivation/reward strategy to the individual
    • Using inspirational communication
    • Making sure you’re a good role model

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