Organizational Power and Politics: Developing a Base of Influence

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Identify and align with organizational priorities
  • Create a base of credibility and influence
  • Build a productive relationship with their managers
  • Communicate ideas persuasively
Target Audience

Managers and leaders

Seminar Outline

Half-day or Full-day Program

  1. Why Care About Power and Politics?
  2. Analyzing the Dynamics of Influence in Your Organization
    • Determining who has what resources
    • Mapping out the network of relationships
    • Identifying the expectations of key decision makers
  3. Building Your Base of Influence
    • The seven bases of influence
    • Clarifying your purpose and who can help you
    • Determining the goals of others and how you might collaborate
    • Nurturing strategic relationships
  4. Building a Partnership with Your Own Manager
    • Knowing what your manager expects
    • Keeping your manager informed
    • Using the approach that fits your manager’s preferred style
  5. Increasing Your Persuasive Communication Ability
    • Elements of persuasion
    • Analyzing and targeting the audience
    • Creating the best arguments: using data, emotion, experience
    • Determining the most impactful way to package your idea
    • Polishing your “platform” skills
  6. Considering Your Image
    • Building a track record to build credibility
    • Strategically increasing your visibility
    • Becoming a PR agent for the staff you lead

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