Dealing with Difficult People

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Identify difficult personality types
  • Use specific strategies for dealing with each personality type
  • Develop assertive communication skills
  • Understand when to cope rather than expect a difficult person to change
Target Audience

All staff

Seminar Outline

Half-day or Full-day Program

  1. Identifying the Characteristics of Difficult People
    • Red flags to observe and note
    • Understanding what motivates difficult people
    • Avoiding the traps difficult people set up
  2. Confronting the Difficult Person
    • Knowing when confrontation is likely or not to work
    • Choosing the right words to increase the probability of success
    • Planning your approach and choosing the best time
  3. Difficult Personality Types and How to Cope with Each
    • Tanks
    • Explosives
    • Passive-Aggressives
    • Constant Complainers
    • Indecisives
    • Know-It-Alls
    • Negativists
  4. Handling Your Own Discomfort and Building Your Confidence
    • Maintaining a sense of perspective
    • Creating options if the difficult person becomes unbearable in spite of your best effort to cope
    • Handling your own anger and frustration effectively
    • Knowing when to get out of the situation
    • Tips for managing the stress a difficult person can create

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