Facilitating Effective Performance Reviews

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Avoid typical pitfalls in appraising performance
  • Develop performance standards
  • Determine a method for collecting information about staff performance
  • Communicate the appraisal effectively
  • Follow up on performance problems successfully
Target Audience

Supervisors, managers and team leaders who conduct performance reviews

Seminar Outline

Full-day Program

  1. State of the Art Practices in Performance Reviews
    • Why annual reviews are not adequate
    • Staff involvement and ownership through self-appraisal and dialogue
  2. Traps to Avoid in the Performance Appraisal Process
  3. Developing Performance Measures
    • Using behavioral terms
    • Defining levels of performance
  4. Collecting Information About Performance
    • Establishing a record-keeping system
    • Making observations
    • Encouraging staff to monitor themselves
  5. Communicating the Appraisal
    • Setting the tone for a two-way discussion
    • Evaluating and maximizing strengths
    • Communicating about problem areas without creating defensiveness
    • Setting mutual goals for maintaining and improving performance
    • Using the review as an opportunity for career planning
    • Handling resistance
    • What to do if you reach a stalemate
  6. Following Up on the Review
    • Monitoring performance
    • Making informal appraisal an ongoing occurrence

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