Motivating Staff to High Performance

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Understand why people become motivated or not
  • Identify sources of staff motivation and develop motivational strategies accordingly
  • Use reward systems effectively
  • Stimulate intrinsic motivation
  • Motivate problem staff persons more effectively
Target Audience

Supervisors and managers

Seminar Outline

Half-day or Full-day Program

  1. Conditions that Must Exist for Motivation to Occur
    • Matching staff abilities to the job
    • Creating valued rewards for all staff members who perform well
  2. Understanding What Staff Want Out of a Job
    • Security, affiliation, achievement, recognition: who needs them and why
    • Identifying particular needs of early and late career staff as well as Baby Boomers
  3. Creating Reward Systems
    • Encouraging intrinsic motivation: taking pride in your work
    • Making sure the right behaviors are rewarded
    • Using pay, promotion, praise and job enrichment as reward systems
  4. Using Coaching Skills to Build Staff Confidence
    • Steps in the coaching process
    • Helping staff members solve their own problems
    • Giving suggestions without taking away a staff person's self-respect
    • Guidelines for delivering effective positive feedback to reinforce behavior
    • Giving constructive criticism that motivates a staff person to want to change
  5. Motivating the Problem Staff Person
    • Analyzing the source of the problem and attempting to remove it
    • Engaging in problem solving
    • Agreeing on a solution to the problem
    • Monitoring and following up
  6. Being a Motivating Leader
    • Personal characteristics of leaders staff members want to do things for
    • Sustaining your own enthusiasm

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