Participating in Your Performance Review

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Increase their understanding of performance standards
  • Use effective communication skills during the review
  • Increase their level of active participation in the review
  • Improve their ability to negotiate differences
Target Audience

All staff

Seminar Outline

Half-day Program

  1. Understanding the Purpose of a Performance Review and What It Can Do for You
    • Preparing to be a full participant
  2. Making Sure You’re Clear About Performance Expectations
    • Reviewing the discussion format
    • Asking questions to clarify what the ratings or comments mean
    • Writing measurable, specific goals
  3. Collecting Information About Your Own Performance
    • Developing a record-keeping system
    • Preparing examples
  4. Communicating Your Assessment of Your Own Performance
    • Talking about your strengths
    • Discussing how you can be more effective
    • Taking responsibility for performance problems
    • Listening actively
    • Asking effective questions
    • Developing goals and actions to meet future performance targets
  5. What to Do If You Don’t Agree
    • Deciding on an approach to manage the disagreement

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