Building a High-performance Team

As a result of this seminar, participants will increase their ability to:

  • Identify barriers to effective teamwork
  • Recognize stages of team development and how to manage each
  • Create processes for managing team conflict
  • Understand and integrate differing personality types within a team
  • Manage team meetings effectively
Target Audience

Managers, team leaders, project managers; intact teams

Seminar Outline

Seminar Outline Half-day or Full-day Program

  1. Barriers to Effective Teamwork
    • The dynamics of low- vs. high-performance teams
    • Profiles of effective and ineffective team leaders
  2. Stages of Team Development and How to Manage Each
    • Form – Establishing goals, roles and ground rules
    • Storm – Managing conflict and building trust
    • Norm – Sharing responsibility and staying motivated
    • Perform – Stretching goals and becoming creative
    • Adjourn – Creating closure to a team’s work
  3. Assessing a Team’s Developmental Level and Planning a Team- Building Approach
    • Using the Teamability assessment tool
    • Analyzing the information and targeting areas for improvement
  4. Understanding and Utilizing Differing Personality Types
    • Thinkers, Doers, Feelers, Intuitives
    • Assessing your own style and adjusting for others
  5. Orchestrating Group Dynamics
    • Managing problem behaviors in team meetings
    • Developing team meeting designs that facilitate problem solving and decision making
    • Mediating conflict within the team
    • Creating team spirit
    • Trust-building strategies

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