Sometimes organizations need to tune up the way they do things and examine the processes they use in order to increase performance and morale. Team development, customized training, as well as solid operational and strategic planning keep the company headed in the right direction. Dr. Louellen Essex offers help in each of these important areas.

Team Building for Intact Teams

Louellen can help a newly merged group set ground rules and common goals, and she often steps in to guide a struggling team through conflict. Stable groups may ask her to design a team-building retreat to maintain strong bonds and have fun at the same time. In a recent team-building project with a client, she interviewed each team member, created a list of strengths and key issues, and led the group to discover how they could best capture their strengths and find solutions to their problem areas.

Development of Internal, Customized Training Programs

Louellen can create training materials, leader guides and visual aids for your organization and present a seminar on how to effectively use these tools. She will also teach internal trainers the best ways to work with the program to ensure the service has lasting value. For example, she recently worked with a committee to develop a team communication training program for a large health care organization, then trained internal trainers to teach it, customizing the approach for specific departments.

Facilitation of Strategic Planning

To help organizations and teams identify key trends that will impact their business, Louellen guides groups through a process of creating a long-term strategy. For example, she helped a non-profit board identify the trends that would impact their work in the next 3-5 years, then coached them in building strategies to offset the threats and capturing the opportunities ahead.

Team Building

“Teams stagnate without a periodic boost. Team building is like a shot of energy that helps members clear the way for increased performance.”

Dr. Louellen Essex

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